Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mat Maitland and his music campaigns/covers

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... for Basement Jaxx, Goldfrapp, Michael Jackson, Simian and Beck and others. Mat Maitland is mixed media award-winning music Design and Art Direction artist, based in London.
His style is so distinct-able. Art, photography, music and fashion all collide. He breaks traditional barriers that usually separate these entities.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fashion photography by Herring & Herring

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I just stumbled upon this stunning editorial called Tribal photographed by Herring & Herring, the styling and makeup are just amazing !

Herring & Herring is a collaboration between Dimitri Scheblanov (Russia/USA) and Jesper Carlsen (Denmark/USA), focusing on fashion photography and art direction. The team’s approch is based upon concept rather than a singular style…Here Herring & Herring for the D Mode Magazine. Although I wonder why they used Asian models?
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