Saturday, 27 November 2010

Amazing TV spot - Above Everything Else

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This is really beautifully shot! Stunningly realistic. Modeled and animated in 3D.

Silestone -- 'Above Everything Else' from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The boom case

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Really cool concept and definitely more comfortable than the phone speakers. The Self Powered, Portable Suitcase Stereo system works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone jack. This case will last 8+ hours on a single charge (Charger Built In).
Now an every trip makes more fun. More here.

Edits by Edit

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Edits is a new limited edition poster series curated by Edit featuring: Bas Koopmans, Collective Approach, Duane King, Hey Studio, Manual Creative, Mark Boyce, Leterme Dowling, Sane & Able, Studio Makgill, Toko, Trevor Jackson, This Studio & last but not least Nitzan Hermon – who is also behind this project.
via formfiftyfive

Wood & Wool Stool

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Dutch designer and crafter Ingrid Jansen makes these custom-made stools from recycled wood, crocheting a cover for the top. Appropriately enough, her company is called WOOD & WOOL STOOL.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

I am back :)

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Hello my dear readers, here I am with fresh mind and body (massage in Thailand is amazing ). As I promised already, I want to share with you with few thai photos. It was like in paradise. This time was my second trip to Thailand, and maybe someday I'll go again. First photos are taken on Phi Phi Island and the last few on Lanta Island.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Vanity Fair 1953

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Dear readers, Bloggers Need Vacations Too. Here my last post before I go for my 2 weeks holidays in Thailand (again, but this time to west coast - Phi Phi Islands) and I promise to share some nice photos after my return. Take care and "cu" in 2 weeks :)

And this 1953 award winning advertisement for Vanity Fair is truly beautiful and elegant. Photographer Mark Shaw does a amazing job capturing the models in their flowing gowns.

Nick Knight's Artistic Fashion Photography

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Nick Knight isn't just any fashion photographer. He travels around the world shooting editorials for famous fashion magazines like Vogue. But Knight is also an artist who embraces digital technology. As he says, "it's just a way of having more control and a lot more possibilities. It's a way of exploring the parameters within an image which is extremely exciting."

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


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This bed by Florida Smart Italian Design is named "Zip Bed". It´s soft, fully padded and it´s curved lines make it irresistible. Put and remove, dress and undress, the bed changes look by a simple gesture. You can choose your colour among thirteen range shades, monochromatic or dichromatic combinations. via blessthisstuff

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Framework – Eyewear Made Famous Posters

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EveryGuyed presents Framework, a series of posters highlighting the most iconic men’s eyewear of the last 100 years.

Legend: 01. Woody Allen 02. Kanye West 03. Buddy Holly 04. Michael Caine 05. Kurt Cobain 06. John Lennon 07. Geordi LaForge 08. Malcolm X 09. Johnny Depp 10. Dame Edna 11. Stephen Colbert 12. The Blues Brothers 13. Austin Powers 14. Yves Saint Laurent 15. Elton John 16. George Costanza 17. Bootsy Collins 18. Elvis Costello 19. Terry Richardson 20. David Hockney 21. DMC of Run DMC 22. Andy Warhol 23. Mohandas Ghandi 24. Steve Urkel 25. Napoleon Dynamite 26. Clark Kent 27. Shock G of Digital Underground 28. Truman Capote

Family sofa bed

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An amazing and innovative project. The 'We are Family' Sofabed is designed by engineer, Claus Molgaard and Ole Jensen.
'For the unexpected visitors who stays overnight. ' The Sofabed made from bamboo and cotton. "The designer created a both sustainable and innovative piece of furniture that makes it easy to welcome friends and family, even though space is limited."

Mad Men Character Posters

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Using Adobe Illustrator, designer Stanley Chow has created a very cool set of illustrated posters starring your favorite Mad Men characters. I really like this retro style.
You can buy these posters and more at Chow's Big Cartel.

Monday, 1 November 2010

90th anniversary of French Vogue

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Vogue Paris Celebrates 90 Years with Fantastic Photo Spreads. Editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld wanted to mix the past and the present in an issue that promises to be larger than life. “Vogue Paris has always played the card of audacity,” Roitfeld said. “We couldn’t do a lukewarm issue.”

Hand made wooden Vespa Daniela

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The creator of this little masterpiece is Carlos Alberto, who has put together this elegant wooden Vespa Daniela.

The Small Stakes Music Posters by Jason Munn

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Graphic artist Jason Munn has been designing rock posters under the moniker "The Small Stakes" since 2002, after attending the San Francisco incarnation of poster-art convention Flatstock. Since then, he's had the opportunity to work with bands like LCD Soundsystem, The Shins, The National, Fever Ray, and the Flaming Lips.
Jason Munn released his recent book 'The Small Stakes Music Posters' published by Chronicle.  An interview with Jason about graphic art, music, and the beautiful intersection of the two you can read here.

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